China Says it Will Provide Its People Basic Healthcare – What About Smog Masks Too?

By | May 21, 2023

The Chinese Government has said that it will provide universal health care to all its 1.3 Billion People. Now, obviously this is not entirely so, and it will be nothing compared to those socialist nations that have such healthcare systems. Instead China promises to provide basic health needs, and even this has got many shaking their heads.

For instance; Diseases of the lung are so very serious, and things are so bad already because so many Chinese smoke. And it is just a terrible shame that all those factories are polluting the air and causing shortened life spans and lung diseases. Recently, the economic problems have had many factories shut down, thus the air is cleaner, but this is only temporary.

If China really wants to have a healthy populous, then it will clean up its air and water, because without doing that it would merely be hypocrisy to claim they were working to provide basic health concerns. Additionally, it would be nearly impossible right now for the nation to grant basic healthcare to all due to the cost. So, it is obvious that this is a PR play to show the world that their human rights and concern for their people is better than the US.

It also puts the United States on notice that they must get on the ball to provide universal medical to all, otherwise politicians can say; “Even China has basic health-care.” But if the USA tries to do this without fixing the current system, it will go bankrupt and economically implode. Plus, it will render the United States without the money to maintain a strong military, thus, China can succeed with their military growth goals and territorial expansion.