Get a Slimmer Body Without Losing Weight

By | June 5, 2023

Have you ever been on the verge of doing something about losing weight but just never got around to it? Or like me you say to yourself ‘I’ll start my diet next week – I promise I will. Time slips by and finding time to choose a diet plan or motivate yourself to lose weight for that slimmer body is harder to do.
It could be that you’re already losing weight on your diet plan but just haven’t quite got to where you want to be just yet – congratulations, some of us are still only thinking about diets!
Well you can look slimmer and be more confident by just following a few simple changes to your wardrobe.

  • The first rule is Posture. Stand up straight, pull your shoulders back, straighten your back and pull in your tummy; this won’t be so hard to do as straightening your back properly should tighten your tummy muscles naturally and Pilates exercises are very good for posture and can be done at home. By taking this step alone, it will make you look slimmer, taller and feel more confident.
  • Always wear fitted or semi-fitted clothes on the largest part of your body. It’s natural that we want to hide under loose baggy clothes, but this actually only makes us look bigger. Maybe wear a semi fitted dress to help you look taller and slimmer – but if you don’t feel comfortable in a dress, but want to appear taller, try wearing dark colours on your top half and the same colour block on your lower half to create a slimmer, taller silhouette. It doesn’t have to be black; there are lots of darker shades to choose from, perhaps a dark green, plum or grey but the key is always to choose the right colour combination for your own personality.
  • To add some colour, wear a cardigan or shrug in a bright colour. Use accessories to divert attention from your worst bits towards your best features; such as if you’re pear shape, don’t wear wide chunky hipster belts but draw attention to the top half of your body with chunky necklaces. There’s lots of exciting accessories around this season that will bring you right on fashion and enhance your outfit. You’d be surprised how even a slim scarf can create a slimmer silhouette by drawing the eye down the centre of the body.
  • If you’re quite tall but prefer to keep your upper arms covered, there are some brilliant feminine tunics around in vibrant colours. They are so versatile and look great with jeans, trousers or a pencil skirt. But even if you carry weight around your tummy area, try to create a waist as this will make your figure more curvaceous; achievable by wearing fitted jackets or fitted tops or even a slim belt. If you wear well tailored clothes, these will sculpt your body better than baggy clothes, but the key is to make sure that whatever you wear fits you properly to show off your best features.
  • If you are petite in height but like to wear trousers, wear boot-cut or wide leg if your thighs are not your best asset, if you have slim legs, show them off! Wear slim cut trousers or be bang on trend, wear leggings with high heels to lengthen your legs and make you appear taller and show a slimmer body. A little tip for those who can’t wear high heels; try investing in a pair of shoe boots, particularly pointed toes, these look great with trousers even with a lower heel as they give a neat appearance at the bottom of your trousers and the pointed toes will elongate your legs.
  • The way you dress to look your best depends on your body shape, the key is to make the most of your assets and disguise what you’re not comfortable with; so if your extra weight is around your thighs and bottom, you can always rely on black or a darker shade to disguise these areas, and make a point of showing off your curves perhaps enhance your waist or a top that enhances your cleavage such as wearing V neck tops. It’s all about making the most of your assets and wearing clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident, particularly if you can’t lose weight quickly enough.
  • Wear dark tights, opaque or stockings, they will make your legs look slimmer. To make your legs look even longer, wear the same colour shoes as your tights.
  • If you can wear them, wear high heels, these will have an immediate wow effect and you’ll look taller with a slimmer body. It’s amazing how a pair of high heels can give us girls just that little bit more confidence to help feel more glamorous and feminine.
  • If your outfit shows off your arms or legs get a fake tan – it will make your limbs appear slimmer and even out any blemishes that you may have. You can either get it done professionally at a salon, or do it yourself at home. There are some great fake tan products on the market nowadays that won’t leave you looking streaky or orange. But make sure you exfoliate and moisturise your skin before applying fake tan to get smooth sun-kissed skin.
  • Finally, if you need a little help to look more gorgeous get some underwear that shapes and gives you a slimmer body in your clothes. There are some really good pieces around that look sexy and fabulous but won’t break the bank.

But Above all, remember – whatever your shape, don’t feel negative about your less than perfect areas. The truth is, there is no such thing as a perfect body; very few females are happy with their shape simply because we can look at another female and think ‘I want to look like that’. The most important thing is to believe that if you put some effort into making the best of your shape and how you look, you’ll look and feel a million dollars and don’t forget, you are a one off – unique!